eCOMPAS Online Audio Assisted Survey

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Because of it’s ease of use, survey facilitators spend less time with clients

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The multi-lingual capabilities help expand your reach

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By adding human voice to your surveys, you can reach out to low-literacy clients to get their all-important assessments of their needs and experiences.

Features Benefits
Some clients have low literacy levels,and audio-assisted surveys (where the questions and answers are read to them by a voice actor), help improve the process. Aggregate, easy-to-use, graphically formatted data, improves the usability, efficiency, and understandability of data
The Audio-Assisted, Multi-Lingual Survey Module allows audio to be used for Needs Assessment, Client Satisfaction, and other surveys. Voice actor and translation service optional and available
eCOMPAS will read out the survey questions and answers as the text on-screen is highlighted User-friendly features improve the experience of the survey, supporting those who need voice while muting the voice for those who are literate
Users can replay the audio or mute the audio if they desire Web-based technology eliminates installation and maintenance activities at your sites
This is using web-based technology so there is no special software to install. The sites just need headphones for private listening and a connection to the internet Data does not need to be uploaded by a manual process. It’s available centrally in real-time to you