e2 Community Platform ®

HIV online community tools made easy :)

Collect valuable information

Better understand your populations

Engage your population in service improvement

Produce hard data useful for your funding applications

Make a difference


Community Platform

The eCOMPAS ® Community Platform allows you to plug-and-play powerful and easy to-use applications to help you better understand your populations, engage them in service improvement, collect valuable information for planning, and produce hard data useful for your funding applications

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Needs Assessment

The eCOMPAS ® Online Needs Assessment gives you aggregate, easy-to-use, graphically formatted data, which improves the usability, efficiency and understanding of needs assessments results

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Client Satisfaction

No need to have to fiddle with survey builders. With the eCOMPAS ® online client satisfaction module, our staff does the work for you! Multi-lingual, scalable and easy to use, the eCOMPAS ® Client Satisfaction module will help you make a difference

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Audio Assisted Survey

Add your own voice to your surveys with the eCOMPAS ® Online Audio Assisted Survey. By adding human voice to your surveys, you can reach out to low-literacy clients to get their all-important assessments of their needs and experiences

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Resource Guide

Want to provide helpful information to clients looking to find the right providers for their needs? With the eCOMPAS ® online providers resource guide with Mapping you enable clients to get directions and see the satellite view of the location to help connect them to care and increase level of comfort

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Planning Council

Easily provide news, events, calendar items, downloadable documents, and other information valuable to your community with the eCOMPAS ® Planning Council and Grantee Website. Your non-technical staff can easily maintain the site, enabling you to keep the site content fresh and updated

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